Cyber attacks and their rise in the war between Ukraine and Russia

As Ukraine's cities come under heavy missile attack from Russia and troops advance across the country, a less visible, underground strife is also hitting kyiv hard.

This is a series of cyber attacks on various websites of government and banking departments in this country, which have sometimes led to the total collapse of their system.

One of the most recent and sophisticated occurred this Wednesday, in the run-up to the Russian invasion, just hours before Vladimir Putin announced a "special military operation" that ended up becoming an invasion.

Security officials accused the Kremlin of being behind the crackdown that hit the websites of Ukraine's Parliament, Security Service and Foreign Ministry, among others, and said the hackers "are no longer trying to hide their identity." .

In addition, they indicated that this time the attacks were "on a completely different level", with the use of new tactics and a sabotage capacity that had not been seen before.

Cyber attacks are a powerful weapon: they can paralyze a country's infrastructure, affecting water, electricity and telecommunications services, among other things.

They are undoubtedly a tool that, in this case, could serve to further weaken a Ukraine that is trying to confront the gigantic Russian military and intelligence power.

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