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domingo, 17 de abril de 2022

Meta will charge a fee of almost 50% for transactions in the metaverse

 Meta will charge 50% for the use of the metaverse

Meta has announced this week the first steps towards a market in the metaverse with the creation and sale of virtual artifacts for Horizon Worlds, a transaction with which the platform will obtain about 50% from the creators.

The parent company of Facebook and WhatsApp announced on Monday the implementation of tools and different forms of monetization in its metaverse, Horizon Worlds, available for now to some users of legal age in the United States and Canada.

These tools will allow you to create and sell virtual accessories for the decoration of the worlds, or offer access to some worlds or specific parts of them. The transactions, however, will not be free for creators or sellers, as Meta plans to charge a fee for each transaction.

Although he did not reveal in the statement how much the fee would amount to, the vice president of Horizon, Vivek Sharma, indicated in statements to The Verge that 25% of each purchase would be collected after discounting the fee that he already collects on the platform (for Quest Store apps already claims 30%).

The data has been shared, although more clearly, by a spokesman for Meta in statements to NCBC. This person has explained that Horizon Worlds will charge the transactions of these virtual goods with 17.5%, which will be added to the 30% of the sales made through the Quest store. That is, 47.5%, almost half of the transaction.

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