How to Optimize Your Android for Excellent Battery Performance

 The new and second presentation of Google for developers Android 13, and it has new features.

The new way to configure security settings and devices, the display of applications in the background.
The next version of ANDROID also introduces a new way to let you know why your phone's battery is not performing as it should

Bearing in mind that not all users have the habit of configuring the limits on the battery consumption of their Android device and the resources used by each downloaded application.
For this reason, Android 13 will show automatic notifications with which it will alert users every time that an app that is running in the background consumes more battery than normal in a period of 24 hours.

The notification will include a call to action with which the owners of the devices can go, either to the application configuration section, or to the phone battery, so that the user can take the measures they consider most beneficial to reduce the consumption of resources of your mobile.

The new apps will be able to adjust to the battery optimization measures. apps that come from system defaults, apps tied to companion devices, apps running on a device in demo mode, profile device owner apps, VPNs, and apps that the user has explicitly designated to provide an experience in system configuration.

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