China will give the US access to the audit reports of Chinese firms on Wall Street

 United States will have access to the movements of N Wall Street

Chinese actions listed in the United States rise in the session because China plans to modify a rule that restricted the practice of sharing data from companies listed abroad with foreign regulators, alleviating the concern that these actions can be expelled from the American bags in the middle of a long dispute over access to audits, reports Bloomberg.

China eliminated on Saturday a rule that required that in situ inspections of listed companies abroad were mainly made by Chinese regulatory agencies. Instead, a revised standard project published by the Securities Regulatory Commission said it will provide guidance through a cross-border cooperation mechanism.

According to Bloomberg on Friday, Beijing prepares to give US regulators full access to the audit reports of most of the more than 200 quoted companies in New York.

These news have had its impact on the bags. Investors have been released in Tromba to buy Iqiyi shares (16.74%), Bilibili (16.55%), Pinduoduo (15.59%), Baidu (9.10%), Nio (8.76%) , Tencent Music (7.20%) or Alibaba (6.62%), among others.

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