Recognized car brand will only offer electric cars

Feuell, who has held the position since November 2021 and is the first woman to lead the historic American brand, told EFE during a meeting with the media that Tesla is the main rival and model for the "revitalization" of the company.

"Tesla is the market leader in battery electric vehicles. I'm very impressed with how they engage with their customers in a very proactive and modern way when it comes to sales," said Feuell.

We have learned a lot not only from their vehicles and technology but also from their relationship with customers," she added.

Feuell confirmed that Chrysler wants to bring its first all-electric vehicle to market by 2025. And by 2028 the brand's entire range of cars will be electric.

Chrysler's plan is aided by the fact that it currently only has two models on the market, the Pacifica minivan and the 300 saloon.

Chrysler presented in January of this year at the CES electronics fair in Las Vegas (United States), the Airflow prototype, an electric vehicle that indicates the direction that the company will take to design its new vehicles.

Feuell told questions from EFE that she plans to run the company in a "very different" way, which she considers has not been taken care of for a long time.

"At its peak, in 2004, the Chrysler brand had 12 models and sold 650,000 units a year. Since then, it has been reduced to two models and about 120,000 vehicles a year," she explained.

"That makes clear the lack of attention and priority that Chrysler has suffered before my arrival," she continued.
Feuell also promised that women have a greater weight in the company and said that 50% of her team is already made up of women.
"I see myself as having a huge responsibility to support women in this organization as well as in the sector," she said.
Feuell finished by noting that Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares is committed "to diversity and inclusion" within the company.

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